Workload Migration

Plan and execute anywhere to anywhere server workload migrations

Workload Migration

Migrate workloads to new server hardware

Whenever you get new servers you have to spend a lot of time reinstalling and reconfiguring them. We can help by moving entire server workloads to the new servers, over the network, unattended, while the original servers are still running.

Virtualize and consolidate servers quickly

Trying to achieve better consolidation ratios, or reduce resource contention on your virtual hosts? Need to finish by the end of the week, not sometime next quarter? We have the expertise and tools to make it fast and efficient, with our workload migration tools.

Move your entire hosted compute while it's still running

Mergers and acquisitions can leave you with data centre presence scattered around the country or the globe. Your job is to consolidate them—different hardware, different operating systems, and different hypervisors—with maximum uptime. Thats when we come into the solution.

Plan efficient server consolidation projects

With the right planning tool, you can take all the guesswork out of your server consolidation projects. Our utilization profiles give you the detail you need to increase server consolidation ratios without overwhelming a host during peak usage.

Workload Migration

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