Security Management

Our IT security services provide a full spectrum of security-related consulting solutions ranging from security assessment services, network architecture design, and implementation of complete security measures and monitoring.

This includes the ability to proactively monitor intrusion attempts, assess the effectiveness of current security applicances, border security effectiveness and provide management reports on findings.

Protect your business

By utilising our security services, organisations will be able to conduct business transactions over the Internet with peace of mind, protect their web presence, offer secure, remote access to their Intranet, and expand access of internal applications to suppliers. We can also assist in the creation of secure Virtual Private Networks to connect offices, Cloud services, mobile users, and partners.

Services offered:

  • Network border protection appliances such as firewalls
  • Protection from intrusion and DDoS attacks
  • Network monitoring
  • Intrusion protection systems
  • Web filtering
  • Anti-virus and malware blocking and detection software
  • Site to site VPN, on-premise to Cloud infrastructure
  • Server security patching and monthly maintenance

Be confident with communications

We can provide an easy to use, all-in-one suite that protects critical business assets by securing against today’s complex malware and spam threats and by rapidly recovering data or computer systems. We includes proven technologies that provide multiple layers of protection to ensure your computer systems and information are secure and readily available at all times.

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