Disaster Recovery

Protecting you for unplanned critical events. Affordable, high-performance protection for physical and virtual workloads

Our disaster recovery solutions bridge the gap between expensive near-zero-downtime solutions, and low-cost tape backup – without the unreliability. We protect your workloads with mirroring-like performance at a low price point similar to tape solutions.

Traditional disaster recovery solutions force you to choose between performance and price. You and your users want low RPOs and RTOs, typically four hours or less. That’s virtually impossible with tape. But on the other hand, it’s prohibitively expensive to mirror the whole data center. Our disaster recovery solutions let you meet or exceed RPOs and RTOs of an hour or less, at a price point that lets you protect more of your servers for less money.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

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Recover workloads reliably after an outage

You really hope you never have to use your disaster recovery solution. But when you do, it has to work right the first time. In the midst of an unplanned outage, it would be brutal to discover that you can’t actually recover your server workloads.

Get back to business quickly after an outage

When IT systems go down, the business is impacted, and there’s tremendous pressure to get things back up and running fast. In today’s always-on world, acceptance of downtime, even for low-priority systems, is at an all-time low.

Protect from server failure and site–wide outages

When an individual server fails, spare parts, or even a replacement, may be minutes away. But what if your entire site goes down? This can happen as the result of a major regional incident, simple human error, or even a plumbing issue.

Protect both physical and virtual servers

Having one set of disaster recovery products for your physical servers, and an entirely different set for your virtual environment, typically means increased cost. Not just in software licenses, but also for staff, training, support and more.

Disaster Recovery Consultancy

Not sure how to document, plan and execute a Disaster Recovery Plan? Never tested whether you can recover from a major service interruption? We can work with you to identify and document your critical services, define test and recovery objectives, execute testing plans, and help you develop recovery procedures to give you peace of mind and the ability to pass any auditing requirements you may have.

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