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More Driven Media are a niche media services provider specifically for motorsport services. We provide a tailored solution addressing the specific needs of our customers, displaying our passion, delivered timely and cost effectively, with a large dose of creative flair.

Our Approach

Our focus, much like the rest of our business, is on customer satisfaction. This is achieved through providing race category management, competitors, and the public exactly what they want – action throughout the entire field in a slick, exciting production, showing as many of the cars and competitors as possible. And that’s the key to the success of our videos and why feedback has been outstanding.

We apply a consistent theory to all videos – make the content engaging, dynamically presented, not too long and something viewers haven’t seen before, get the video out quickly and ensure the production values are high quality.

MoreDriven Media

MoreDriven Media

MoreDriven Media

About Us

We have a history of filming many rounds of the NSW Production Touring Cars series and hillclimb events. We managed to produce videos that really captured the essence of the event, the action and excitement, to make people feel like they were actually there.

In a short time, we’ve built a quality team of dedicated professionals, each with strong backgrounds in their respective disciplines of photography, cinematography and post production editing.

The team is directed by a long-term motorsport enthusiast and active competitor.

This sets us apart from other media companies, providing another value proposition to clients – our unique insight and understanding of what category management, sponsors and race competitors want to see, whilst applying our knowledge of circuits and racing, to provide unique coverage opportunities, with an unbiased view of all the action.

See how we’ve build an entire media brand showcasing the success of production car racing in Australia, through the dedicated YouTube channel Production Touring Cars TV.

The Benefits

In addition to producing the actual video content, our motorsport videos work for clients in other ways.

This includes the opportunity to incorporate sponsorship in event feature videos with logos on the video and embedded content (advertising), which is the most effective way to generate brand recognition, and potentially cover or contribute to the actual video production costs. We also can produce stand-alone sponsor’s videos which focus specifically on our clients. These offer a great platform for promotion of products and services, often working in conjunction with the main event feature videos. This approach expands brand awareness from not just sponsored cars seen in videos and photos, but predominately within our videos, guarantying brand visibility.

The quality of viewers can be more important than quantity. If the right people are watching the videos then that is all that matters. This is particularly important for clients promoting products and services through the content delivery. Plus there are additional benefits such as brand recognition and long term marketing benefits. Often the best quality views come from people who visit your website and are already interested in the product. The videos combine with the other content to create an engaging and interactive selling feature, second only to seeing and having the product demonstrated in person.

YouTube is also often the highest quality source for many clients, people who come to your website as a result of seeing a video are likely to spend more time on your website and take up a call to action, or visa versa.

What you get

Importantly, direct ownership rights of all content and final video;

· A tailored, customer centric experience to ensure the committee, sponsors and competitors needs are exceeded;
· Rapid delivery of the final product;
· Onsite and on-board blending of content into a seamless, dynamic presentation;
· Customised delivery to suit a variety for content delivery channels;
· Value for money, aligned with your budget, and
· Quality.

Package Options

Our preference is to create a custom package after learning what your specific needs are after direct consultation, provided either on per round or season basis. Package options include:

· Onsite video production at all circuits for the nominated event(s) as directed, including
· Both one day and two day events
· Sprint and endurance race formats
· Optional qualifying coverage and/or graphical starting orders displayed
· In-car race footage integration with fixed external camera content
· Optional drone footage
· Professional motorsport commentary services, tailored to suit specific audiences
· Podium and/or awards presentations coverage
· Qualifying and race results standing orders and/or class results
· Brand awareness and sponsor logo integration
· Sponsor interviews and other value add services
· YouTube channel creation and management
· Supporting content about the people and stories behind the competition or category

Our Latest Video

NSW Production Touring Cars Rd 4 Wakefield Park 3rd July 2016

MoreDriven Media

Production Touring Cars TV

NSW Production Touring Cars Rd 3 Sydney Motorsport Park 28-29 May

MoreDriven Media

Production Touring Cars TV

NSW Production Touring Cars Bathurst 6 Hour Pit Lane Action 27 Mar 2016

MoreDriven Media

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