Personalised IT Support Services Sydney

Personalised IT Support Services Sydney

For businesses with limited IT skills or without any in-house IT services, or those looking for greater operational efficiencies, we offer technical IT support services and skills for both on-demand and ongoing managed services support arrangements in Sydney.

By partnering with More Driven IT Managed & Support Services in Sydney, you will easily gain improved efficiencies through immediate access to expert skills, ready to deploy incident and problem management, extensive on-demand knowledge base, plus reduced overall support consumption and therefore ongoing costs compared to internal support teams.

We also offer a highly personalised IT service & support model, with direct access to engineers and to senior management.

Our IT services and support offerings are flexible to suit your specific needs, whether per seat, per device, or by site, allowing you to choose the level of support needed for specific tasks or services, or whether you are looking to outsource the whole of your IT infrastructure.

IT support services offer:

  • 24 x 7 or 10 x 5 Infrastructure application support
  • 24 x 7 or 10x 5 WAN & LAN device support
  • 24 x 7 Centralised Service Desk
  • Preventive maintenance services, per hardware or virtual server/appliance
  • Remote and on-site desktop support services
  • Expertise on-demand – sys admin, network admin, desktop, solution/network design, high-performance compute, disaster recovery/workload migrations
  • Office relocations, transition support
  • Cloud service provider transition and workload migrations

Personalised IT Support Services Sydney

By utilising our IT support services

We help you:

Manage costs

Reduce risk

Increase flexibility

Realise operational efficiencies

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